Entry #10

Yes, I'm alive!!

2010-04-01 11:13:05 by HelloLilly

First of all watch this amazing master peace:


And second I didn't die like some people start thinking after my long remoteness from Newgrounds [XD].
I'm alive and this is not a lie. Kevin Bacon confirms it.


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2010-04-02 20:57:30



2010-04-04 05:05:34

it is a master peice
but i no coauthored yet


2010-04-04 19:57:09

now im coauthord


2010-05-16 19:28:41

haha lol


2010-05-29 07:26:48

You were going so well and had deposited just about every day until you disappeared :'(


2013-03-23 13:30:09

The EU is going to collapse, it was never a stable idea in the first place. Europe is not one big nation,a nd never will be, and the only thing that will help Europe to recover will be allowing the weak ends to fail and be forced to fix their own problems, and allow everyone more freedom to fix their own problems.


2013-03-24 04:22:06

A lot of water's gone under the bridge since your last post. Are you an artist by nature, or is there going to be a different kinda day-job in your future? Anyway, thanks for sharing your work here

HelloLilly responds:

Ya, a lot has passed... I'm not very active here anymore; I just come here once in a while.
I am an art and design student but I'm noticing that I'm not very good at it at least for the art part. I'm not sure of what I'll do for the future. Time will say.
Thanks for the comment, though.